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About Us

Antoine de Mas Latrie, founder, 43 years old, commercial pilot license CPL IR ME SE, Certified Flight Instructor FI(a), theoretical ATPL(a) licence (theoretical Airline Transport Pilot Licence) passed in june 2016 with AéroPyrénées. Trained in flying club in Martinique at Horizon Caraibes, fly regularly Cessna 182.

Airline Experience was born from the synthesis of the two passions of its founder for computing and aeronautics. For the anecdote, this one randomly began his career in the field of web development by programming and broadcasting geographical scenes in 3D for flight simulation software. In 2002 he created the DOMemploi and DOMimmo websites, which are leaders in their respective fields of activity. Strengthened by this success and after 18 years of pure web activity, he decided to give his passion for aeronautics a commercial dimension and a means of diversification for the activity of his group kelDOM.

Airline Experience is thus created, with a double ambition: tourism and aeronautics.

Tourism : to offer residents and tourists alike an unparalleled entertainment attraction in the Caribbean: the introduction to the piloting of an airliner, open to all without age or experience. Activity without time constraints nor meteorological, it constitutes an attraction offering a short experience complementary to the tourist offer in Martinique, in particular the evening and the rainy days. Our target is 400,000 Martinicans having a relationship necessarily tightened to aviation by insularity but also annually 500,000 tourists staying out of a transatlantic flight of 8 hours with a well understandable thirst to approach a plane closer Line, and why not steer it.

Aeronautical : the provision of aeronautical training in the West Indies is limited to the private pilot certificate PPL, the subsequent IR, CPL, ME, MCC type qualifications can not be tracked and obtained on the spot to date due to lack of training, fleet and Dedicated infrastructure. This constitutes a real handicap for local pilots destined for a professional career or simply wishing to maintain their skills. By deploying two professional simulators covering the machine types of the single-piston SEP (Cessna 172, Cessna 182RG Complex) to the Medium Jet (Boeing 737) locally, the twin-engine PEM (Beechcraft Baron 58) and the turbo- (Beechcraft 200 King Air), Airline Experience will offer educational tools to significantly increase initial training and skills retention opportunities locally. This investment will potentially facilitate the installation of training centers certified for the training of professional pilots and will benefit the aeronautical sector Martinique in general.

Come visit us early 2017, and share our passion.

Airline Experience