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Fear of Flying

Fear of flying session

Traveling for a business meeting or going on holiday you anxiety?

The fear of traveling by plane is a more widespread phenomenon than you might think. Indeed, according to the latest figures from the National Air Passenger Survey (2013), nearly one passenger in four has an apprehension of the plane, and one in ten has a phobic fear.

These apprehensions are generally due to the ignorance of the aeronautical environment or based on false ideas ...

Do not be afraid to fly with Airline Experience!

To reduce your level of anxiety about the idea of flying and to get to more than 10 kilometers of altitude, it is necessary to know how to manage your stress and learn how to relax.

Understanding how phobia settles and what methods of treating and managing fear are our goals. You will learn to correct your negative thoughts associated with the plane, and thus demystify the plane and its environment.

Coaching progress :

The course takes place in a personalized individual session of 2:15, so that there is a privileged exchange between you and your instructor, you can, if you wish to be accompanied by a person from your entourage.

During this exchange, we will share your past flight experiences, in order to understand and analyze your apprehensions.

The course is organized in two stages:

1. The first step of an hour takes place inside the simulator and concerns the theoretical phase where different themes will be tackled:
- The origin of your fears and the most anxiogenic situations.
- Initiation to aeronautical safety, with a set of questions / answers; Such as: Can the aircraft withstand turbulence? Does the aircraft fall in the event of an engine failure? Is the crew trained in all emergencies? Can the plane land alone? ...
- The meteorological environment: The formation of clouds, the phenomena of turbulence.
- Aeronautical environment: Training of pilots and crew, aircraft maintenance, flight preparation, regulation and operation of air traffic,

2. The second one hour step involves the practical part during which you will take control of the aircraft, sitting in the commander's place. The flight simulator of the Boeing 737-800 is a very effective instrument to help you control your stress by plane.

After a briefing with your instructor, you will fly in ultra-realistic conditions. You will experience all the stages of the flight (take-off, climb, cruising, descent, approach, landing) and will be able to observe the reactions of the aircraft during these different situations. During the flight your instructor will propose to you to choose the worst degraded situation in order to show you what is really happening on board.

In addition to eliminating many of your fears, this unique experience can make you feel the finger what is the pleasure of flying.

The objective is to show that in case of degraded situations, the crew has all the necessary skills to control the situation and to ensure the perfect safety of the flight as well as its passengers.

Debriefing :

At the end of your flight, we will exchange for 15 minutes about your experience, as well as how to approach your next trip.

Contact us by phone at 0000 00 00 00 or via the contact form for more information.

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