Airline Experience
Flight Simulation Center in Guadeloupe
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Simulation Offers

The Simulator

Airline Experience is based on the operation of a Boeing 737-800 static professional flight simulator. This simulator is an exact reproduction of the cockpit of the Boeing 737-800NG.


It is fully functional, all systems are simulated according to the actual aircraft. It is designed to serve as a first-level training tool for pilots and also the general public.

Highlights of the simulator:

  • Crew two-person crew
  • Learn the procedures and checklists
  • Learn navigation
  • Learning how to get out of trouble in case of breakdown
  • Learning Phraseology

Description of the simulator and its environment:

  • Fixed based training simulator based on the Boeing 737-800
  • Replica at scale 1
  • Closed and fully functional cockpit suitable for VFR & IFR flights
  • Glass cockpit
  • Computers and avionics fully functional
  • Panoramic viewing system at 180 ° HD
  • High Definition visuals day and night
  • Professional instructor station independent of the cockpit
  • Capacity of 2 persons in addition to the commander and his pilot / instructor
  • Fully adjustable "Weber" seats
  • Realistic cockpit air conditioning
  • High fidelity surround sound system
  • 24,000 available airports
  • Unlimited number of flight plans
  • Weather in real time
  • Real-time air traffic

System functionality:

  • Overhead After & Forward
  • Main Instrument Panel (MIP)
  • Control Panel Mode (MCP)
  • 2 EFIS
  • Yokes equipped with stick shakers
  • Conjugated beams
  • 2 FMS / CDU
  • 2 EFB (Electronic Flight Bag)
  • Motorized professional throttle
  • 2 EROS oxygen masks
  • Pedestal
  • Simulation of smoke at the station
  • Landing gear manual exit door

Although the flight simulator is recognized by professionals in the aeronautics industry as well as by line pilots as being extremely faithful in its modeling, which reproduces the appearance and ergonomics of the cockpit of a Boeing 737, The simulator is not produced by Boeing Aircraft based in Seattle USA, which owns the Boeing and 737 brands. It is designed as a tool for a genuine aeronautical experience.

Airline Experience